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Math 1152 Calculus II

In Math 1152, we begin with learning more integration techniques. After that, we will begin looking at sequences and series before looking at parametric equations. We end with vector products and vector-valued functions. 


This version of Calculus II is flipped and flexible. The flipped aspect of the course is that prior to coming to class, you will watch videos introducing the course material. Then, in class, we gain mastery over the material by going over problems in small and large groups. Unlike a traditional class, these class meetings will require you to be an active participant and solve problems rather than watch someone at the front of the room presenting material.


The flexible aspect is that the lectures are online (there are points associated with watching the interactive videos and answering the questions; so be sure to watch them before their due dates). All course information/lecture videos will be put up on carmen.osu.edu. 


The MSLC has free tutoring available Monday-Thursday 10:20am-7pm. It is in Cockins Hall 0014 (before 4pm) and 18th Ave Library 040 (after 4pm) [both rooms are in the basements of their buildings]. Their website also has reviews for each midterm.




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